Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scavenger Hunt with the PetsJubilee Team - WIN PRIZES!!!

The PetsJubilee team is having a Scavenger Hunt! It officially starts tonight at 7:00 pm EST. (If you want to get a head start, that's fine, too, but not all the shops will have their picture hidden until this evening.) The contest will end at 10:00 pm EST. Join us in the Etsy Forums.

Visit the participating team shops below and find our team avatar (Daisy, the winner of the May Pet Photo Contest) hidden within their listings (1 per shop).

When you've found all 15 items, convo them to me through PetsJubilee, or email the list to

After we verify the listings are all correct, we'll draw 4 names.

First place: Mini box from
Runners up (one each):
$5 gift certificate from
magnet set from
$5 gift certificate from

All Participants will be given coupon codes for a 10% discount from

So come join the fun!

1 comment:

Katie Faulkner said...

I am very excited!! I have been doing posts in the forum looking for all the fabulous Pet Shops and I find a complete list!!