Thursday, July 30, 2009

Word Chain - Pets Jubilee Festival

Congratulations to last night's winner! SassySashaDoxie won a free PetsJubilee Mystery Grab Bag.

Today's game is a Word Chain. I've begun with the word: PETS

This game can be played anytime today, but we'll be in the Etsy Forums tonight between 8pm and 10 pm EST.


Find the last word posted and type the first word that pops in your head (kinda like the ink spot test). The only thing is, the word you type has to start with the last letter of the word before it.

If the word above yours is "DOG"
then you might type "GOAT" (if you have a beagle who eats anything and everything :)

Everyone who submits their entries tonight will be put in a drawing for a free PetsJubilee Grab Bag and a $5 gift certificate from PawshCompanions. You'll also be entered for all of the prizes that will be given away on Friday, too.

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